Mar 11, 2011

Tsunami !!!!

WTF!!!!! 8.9 tsunami destroyed my home town, OKAIDO !!! fml. This is the most serious tsunami & earth quake happed around this 100 years in Japan. A hit of tsunami form a major damage, hundreds/thousands dead & missing. This earthquake unlike any experienced before. Check this out!


10 meters high of wave

just like rubbish

OMG ! can you see this ?
 2012 ?

those poor little cars just like toys

Pray for Japan, my hometown. God bless.

Coming up next is Taiwan. Be careful Taiwanese. Don't play with water, water will kill you.


Mar 8, 2011


The greatest movie ever! The sanctum movie is about miracle touch within an underwater world. Sanctum, this movie show that people live in underwater cave divers over a dangerous expedition to the largest, most breathtaking and the very least reachable cavern system on the planet. When a tropical thunderstorm pushes them deep down into the caverns, they have to struggle raging water, dangerous terrain and creeping panic while they try to find an unknown escape path to the ocean. Can they stay alive, or will they be stuck for good? find yourself.

& this movie director Alister Grierson and executive producer James Cameron [also Avatar & Titanic originator].

I believe I can swim , I believe I can swim ~
what's going on ?
I'm so sexy !
can you see that ....
Let's  fly ...

Check this out !

Mar 3, 2011


发烧,发冷,发烧,发冷...... 好辛苦哦!昨天晚上我全身发冷到不行还一直冒冷汗,到最后哥哥带我去看医生。我们去了sri damansara, menjarala, sungai buloh 都没有一个诊所是开的。我哥哥开始很急,因为我越来越不舒服了。我们从11点晚上找到12点多都找不到,到最后我们去甲洞。找了好久才找到唯一一间有开24小时的,好辛苦哦。医生用一个很高科技的东西天贴着我的额头[似胶布的东西],过几秒后就说我发高烧[39度]所以我才一直发抖喊冷,还吩咐我不可动冷辣的东西。然后医生问我几个问题,不超过4分钟就叫我出去拿要了,好寥寥帅帅哦。过后有一位护士给我吃药,因为是半夜所以特别贵,RM60。从我一回到家我哥哥就照顾到早上,贴心的他给我喝温水吃药帮我盖被被怕我着凉,还怕我有事所以睡客厅陪我,好感动哦。谢谢你哦,我的一级棒哥哥。现在的我好很多了,烧也退了,只是有点伤风,明天要照常上课咯,因为下个星期就要考试了,没有读到书的我残定了。


Feb 13, 2011


Valentine's day .... Are you lonely ?

Maybe you're not. But me. Yes, I am. I feel that I'm the loneliness woman in this world from this moment. Such a poor little girl I am. Every one told me that single is better thn in relationship with, no control no argue no problems and bla bla bla... I do wish that I'm being single last time. & yes, my wish come true. Now I'm being single, but not what I wnt.  Every weekends, I used to be hang out with someone last time. But now, I'm trying not to hang out & stay at home watching my stupid drama, eat maggie mee, sleeping and doing ntg. How boring is my life?! fml. I'm tired to see those couples kissing with their mouth, huging with full of love, holding hand each other in front of me. fml. I'm sick of it!!  That's why me trying not to hang out on weekends. Haix ~ JEALOUS !!!

Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest, hurt the deepest and feels the strongest.
I wanna to have a boy friend. My PRINCE ! Where's my prince? Where have you been ? I just wanna to be one day of snow white. Can I ? ...........

Check this out. [ What I have chat with my friend ]
XXX : What's the day of Monday?
Me : Oh ~ Is Valentine's day.
XXX : Yes. Me & my bibi is planing to going out celebrate. Wondering what's he give me.... Oh ya. Almost forget to buy my bibi a present. Erm... Ring, couple-shirt, pants, chocolate..... What he like? Can you give me some ideas please?
Me : ( abit sad + jealous ) How I know. Every one have different tastes & I'm not your "bibi". I don't know what he want. Why don't you just ask him? == '''
XXX : Ask him ? Ask him equal to no supprise. I wanna give my bibi a supprise. hmmm ... bla bla bla
 ( after few min )
XXX : How about you ? R you going to celebrate with your bf ?
Me : Me ? O ... erm ... I ..... not going to celebrate valentine. Erm ... & I don't have bf ........
XXX : O ? Really ? Are you serious ? How about quan ( My X ) ?
Me : We break up almost 2 months.
XXX : Why ? R you the one falling out first ?
Me : I don't know. ( speechless )
XXX : So pity you. Nvm. If no one celebrate with you thn call me. I will accompany you. Okay ?
Me : O...Okay. Thank you. ( will you pick up my call when you are celebrating with your "bibi" ... fml )

Love is for someone you falling in with. But Fake is for friend.
Wish you have a greatest happy Valentine's day ever. Night ^^

Feb 10, 2011

Thailand Part 2

Pattaya ! Sui jing jing. ^^ Early in the morning, after having our breakfast, we enjoy boat ride ( speed boat ) to Coral Island. A lots of optional activities such as Para-sailing, snorkeling, water scooter, banana boat and mny mny more. There have alots of hot guys & hot chicks with bikini. Especially their activities game. I love it so so so so much. Is cheaper thn other country such as US or AUS. I had ply the water scooter (  RM 70 per ) & banana boat ( RM 25 per ), is not that scary but is fun also. 


85% of chinese people over there.

I plying this also. It seen scary but is not that scary. Just seen like a bird flying in the middle of the sky. Woohoo!
Return to Pattaya for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to Noon Nooch Village, a recreational area featuring performances such as Fake Thai Boxing, stupid traditional Thai wedding ceremony, Sword " fighting ", monk's ordination ceremony & the amazing elephant show. Those elephants know how to drawing, dancing, ply football or basketball, and ect. Everyone is laughing when they see the show but me. It is a great show but I saw those pity elephant is be-hurting by the trainer with the long shape thingy. fml. It is so pain. Why human non-stop hurting animals because to form a joke? Is that insane? Animals is a living things so do humans. Think before do something stupid !!!!

After that, we went for Wax Museum. Can't wear too sexy, someone will block you and ask you to wear their shirt. Fml. My tour guide told us someday a girl go to this wax museum and make a wish, after that she wish come true and become a millionaire. How unbelievable is that! So this museum become so famous.

Sleepy. night. tata.

Feb 6, 2011

Thailand Part 1

SAWADIKAP !  Thailand I'm coming. I'm so tired. I woke up on 5 am to prepare all the staff until 7 am. Clothes, bags, cosmetic, camera, shoes and bla bla bla. & the most useful thing is... sun block. Teehee. I think i need to recommend the sun block. It has highest UVA & UVB protection. It has SPF130 pa+++. Super block. Just RM25 and free 400ml of aluminium water bottle. Is so cheap.

First day, we going to Bangkok. Once we arrival Bangkok, We went to the famous Erawan Shrine Four Face Buddha.  After that, I saw the Mister.MC. He look so different. & his burger have pork! I LOVE PORK! samurai pork burger. Yummy.
my cousin and my parents.
I went to GAYSORN to shopping. All branded. It just similar to starhill. Louis Vuitton, Cannel, Prada, Ferragamo and ext.

me & my mum. my cute mama.
DAY 2 

After breakfast, we went to Damnoensaduack Floating Market which is routinely crowed with hundred of vendors & purchasers floating in their small rowing boats and selling & buying their food or things. You can ask for discount if you buying bags or hats. If you go after 9 am, it will traffic jam. I been stuck there for half and hour.

Thailand famous fruit -  mango.
In the afternoon, we visited the Safari World, Thailand greatest open zoo and leisure park. Where wild animals like zebras, deer, giraffes, tigers, lion and bears prowl freely in commune with nature. and also there have some show about animals such as our cutties dolphins, pig show, lion show, stunts show and ext.

this is the first time I saw pig . so clever & cute but smelly.
The first time me see lion. Feel that lion scared ppl more thn ppl scared lion. lol
how brave is that girl.
stupid sombong camel !  == ''''
Then we transfer to Pattaya. At night, we join the famous "Female Impersonator" shown at Alcazar. They have a angel face, white skin, smooth hair and sexy evil body. Is almost perfect. But my tour guide told us they just have less thn 40 years to life. How poor is that. So, me recommend this show. You must must MUST see! RM 80 ++ something. Is a great show.  It also make me confuse that those person who were performing is He or She.
white skin, long legs, big eyes, long smooth hair. OMG
slim shape.
how pretty he/she is .
can you see that. He/She is trying to use his/her fake XX to kill the man. haha. xD
He/She is catching my horny hand. lol
Is time to enjoy my Pattaya night. Tata. 

Upload Thailand Part 2 soon.